KDrama - Baby-faced Beauty

Title: 동안미녀 / Dongan Minyeo
Also known as: Youthful Beauty / Pretty Young Woman
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Year: 2011


Lee So Young (Jang Nara) life dream is to be a fashion designer but because of family circumstances, she never has chance to attend any class or course in this field. She was blessed with youthful appearances and mistakenly accepted to join a famous design company called The Style as junior designer using her sister's identity. She needs to overcome obstacles from her seniors and rivals to stay in this company.

Choi Jin Wook (Choi Daniel) is a one managing director in The Style and responsible to manage the promotions and sales of all new products. He is the heir of famous restaurant chains business but not interested to work with his father. He always in disagreement term with his father and choose to be independent without his father influences.

His first meeting with Lee So Young was at bar and due to some misunderstanding they are fighting with each other. Then they meet again, this time at The Style and become colleague and later as lover. But their love story is not going smoothly because of big age gap and interference of another man.

Ji Seong Il (Ryu Jin) is the president of The Style. He is a cold man and also a single father.

Kang Yoon Seo (Kim Min Seo) is one of the head team designers in The Style. She graduated from overseas in fashion designing and her name already well-known in fashion industry. She has crushed on Seong Il since a long time and after a few years her feelings to him still the same. However her childhood dream to be his bride might not happen when Seong Il's starts showing interest to Le So Young. Due to jealousy, she tried to do anything to destroy So Young's dreams.

Joen's said:

I started watching this drama because of Jang Nara. After a few years, she makes a comeback with this KDrama after My Lovely Patzzi and I love her acting in MLP. I make a right decision because it is a really a good drama and worth my time watching it.

The main story is about a woman with lack requirements struggling to achieve her dreams. Then she fall in love in with a younger man. This is a taboo in our society but now it becomes a trend. The story is simple and feel close with our ordinary life. I think this is what it makes the drama so interesting because it feels real.

The main actors also did a good job. So Young character as an innocence woman with pure heart will makes you fall in love with her at first sight. While, Jin Wook character as playful guy but when it comes to love he will be confidence is so adorable. Both of them are so cute together and will always makes you smile and giggle with their cute antics.

I really enjoy watching this drama and It gives me warm feeling. I hope it will be the same with you guys too. Enjoy!

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